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Programmers do not work for you

Programmers do not work for you

I expect to be writing a lot about this topic in the future, as the debate regarding what constitutes “spam” is having a significant impact on the Bitcoin community. Specifically, the way this debate has spilled over into interactions with Core developers is causing concern.

It’s important to understand that the relationship between Bitcoin users and developers is not clear-cut. Many users are also developers, and vice versa. The distinction between the two can be fluid, with the potential for overlap to grow or shrink at any time.

However, it’s crucial to recognize that developers do not work for the users. They have autonomy in how they contribute to the open-source protocol. Similarly, users are not obligated to adopt changes or tools developed by the developers. Each party operates with a degree of independence.

Harassing developers on platforms like GitHub will not change this dynamic. These platforms are meant for technical debate and critique, aimed at improving proposed changes. Outside of these platforms, there are other avenues for community discussion and building consensus.

Ultimately, the relationship between developers and users in the Bitcoin space is voluntary and regulated by market forces. No one can force the other party to act against their will. It’s up to individuals to persuade others and participate in the development process if they want to see changes. There is no employer-employee dynamic at play here.

If developers create tools that users have no interest in, the users can simply ignore them. Conversely, if users demand something that is unrealistic or incoherent, developers are not obligated to comply. The Bitcoin ecosystem is self-regulating, and it’s up to individuals to take action if they want to see change. The power lies in persuasion, not coercion.

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