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Largest Order Collections at the Beginning of 2024

Largest Order Collections at the Beginning of 2024

Hey there, Bitcoin & NFT enthusiasts! About 8 months ago, we first published a guide on Ordinals. Since then, that sector of the market has been growing, and we’re back today to look at some of the biggest Ordinal collections. Well, gather ’round because we’re about to dive into a world where sats meet art, and the result is as epic as a cat riding a unicorn. But, hold your horses – or should we say, hold your bitcoins – and let’s keep it light and amusing.

What in the Bitcoin is an Ordinal?

Just to Recap, what’s the buzz with Ordinals? Imagine adding a touch of Monet to your precious satoshis (sats). Yeah, we’re talking about art on the blockchain, making your crypto collection as unique as a two-headed llama.

Ordinals let you track individual sats, turning them into rare gems. It’s like having a crypto time capsule – own a sat that once mingled with Ross Ulbricht’s wallet, the Silk Road mastermind. Cool, right?

But wait, there’s more! Now, you can also slap some art on those sats, creating a gamified dual-layer for collectors. It’s like having a Mona Lisa on a golden pizza slice. Double the rarity, double the fun!

Biggest Ordinal Collections to Jazz Up Your Crypto Portfolio

Let’s cut the chase and introduce you to the crème de la crème of Ordinals. These projects are hotter than a jalapeño in a sauna:

  1. BTC DeGods: These guys bought a whole block, making their collection extra special. Fun fact: They’re not the original Ordinals – they migrated from Solana. Their floor price is 1.2 BTC, but hey, the mint cost was only 0.33 BTC!
  2. Ordinal Maxi Biz (OMB): Imagine quitting Wall Street to launch an anarchist-themed project. That’s zk-Shark’s story with OMB. They even burned CryptoPunks, turning it into a historical punk-burning party. Genius move, if you ask us!
  3. Bitcoin Bandits: OGs on Bitcoin, these bandits have a community with meme energy rivaling Sappy Seals. Their leader, Chartfu, is a walking win, orchestrating cryptopunk burns and making waves in the Ordinals world.
  4. Nullish: The OG sat hunter teamed up early with zk-Shark. Today, Nullish’s collections feature abstract art on rare sats. Holders of all 5 main pieces got 8 whitelist spots each in the OMB Green eyes mint. No punks were harmed in the process!
  5. Bitcoin Frogs: The first 10,000-piece Ordinal project to sell out via a free mint on the Lightning Network. These frogs are like the Robin Hoods of the crypto world, onboarding folks from Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana with a hands-on approach.
  6. Bitcoin Rocks: Bitcoin Rock Ordinals are turning the crypto scene into a rock concert. Picture rare sats rocking out with mind-blowing art – it’s like having a front-row seat to the coolest show in town! last night, one rock sold at 2.5 BTC ($113k)
  7. Inscribed Pepes: where memes get an artistic makeover! Imagine your favorite Pepe meme immortalized on a rare sat. It’s like injecting art with a dose of meme magic. Get ready to LOL and hold!

To trade Ordinals, head over to Magic Eden and their Ordinal section.

New Ordinals That Have Been Trending

The most surprising new kid on the block is Node Monkes. Just a few days ago, the mint was completed and within a week they had been climbing the top of the charts. Not only in floor price (0.19 BTC), but also in volume (609 BTC). The 10k Collection has a good mix of OG traits to trade on (like Alien type that has been selling at 2 BTC), and has meme value. You might have seen the “send nodes” tweets on your X timeline.

Are Ordinals Just a Crypto Fad?

Nah, Ordinals aren’t just hype. They make sense! Forget smart contracts – let’s inscribe art directly on Bitcoin. It’s like turning the mother chain into a canvas. According to Vitalik, Ordinals might just spark the next bull run. Builder culture is back, and DeFi might soon be grooving on Bitcoin.

Remember, this article is all fun and games – not financial advice. So, grab your popcorn, enjoy the Ordinals show, and let’s see where the sat-tastic journey takes us next! 🚀

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