Ethereum Foundation Blog: Q4 2022 Allocation Update

    Blockchain Education in Nepal aims to educate developers about the key elements of blockchain through project-based learning.

    CryptoStats is a community-driven project that provides neutral crypto metrics and develops tools for gathering and visualizing data for the community.

    The DeFi LATAM Meetup celebrates the end of the year and promotes enthusiasm for continuing to build together in the next year.

    Devcon Satellite Events Grants sponsor Devcon-related meetups and watch parties to boost local Ethereum communities around the world.

    The Ethereum Colombia event is a side event during Devcon VI that brings together the builders and organizers of Latin American projects that participated in the quadratic funding round.

    ETHBKK 2022 is an online conference in Bangkok, Thailand that highlights Southeast Asian projects within the Ethereum ecosystem.

    Ethereum Honduras is supported in its community-building efforts, such as hosting meetups and organizing grants programs.

    The Ethereum Hungary Meetups bring the Hungarian Ethereum community together for talks and discussions on Ethereum’s development.

    The Ethereum Miami Meetup offers panel discussions to learn more about Colombia’s tech ecosystem and Devcon VI.

    A series of five technical meetups in Ethereum San Diego covers topics such as self-custody, Solidity security fundamentals, and Scaffold-eth.

    The Ethereum Virtual Machine Book by Joshua Trujillo is a zero-to-one resource covering information on the EVM’s instruction set, assembly languages, and security considerations.

    ETHLatam Meetup is a side event held during LABITCONF that spotlights various Ethereum LatAm communities.

    Efforts are made in the ETHVietnam Community Building to grow the community of Ethereum developers in Vietnam through workshops, a hacker house, and a three-day event and hackathon.

    Hack.labs() holds a Capture the Flag (CTF) security competition at the end of ETH Medellín where participants break, optimize, and hack smart contracts.

    Meetups and workshops in Kyiv, Ukraine, focus on EVM smart contracts, zero-knowledge (ZK), and non-custodial wallets.

    The Merge Data Challenge rewards data analysts for documenting the best Merge data insights into a readable blog post.

    The Peoples’ Cooperative Event in Lagos, Nigeria introduces high school students and teachers to blockchain and Ethereum, and a virtual event educates the general public on Ethereum developments and layer 2s.

    The Smart Contracts Online Course and Lectures by Distributed Lab offer Ukrainian coverage of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and Solidity, with lecture videos accessible on Prometheus and Youtube.

    The Student Blockchain Hackathon in Japan focuses on the intersection between blockchain and social issues.

    Tech4Democracy Bogotá showcases Latin American projects developing blockchain and web3 technologies to further democratic values.

    Crypto Curiosas in Peru offers talks and workshops aimed at onboarding women to web3.

    ZK Hack III is a four-week virtual event featuring workshops on ZK concepts and tools, and advanced puzzle solving.

    The 5th ZKProof Workshop in Tel Aviv, Israel, promotes standardization of ZK proof cryptography and engages companies and researchers worldwide.

    The 13th Bar Ilan University Winter School on Cryptography focuses on recent advances in blockchain technology and is held in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    Codex researches a double-layer Kademlia protocol for Data Availability Sampling (DAS).

    DendrETH, developed by Metacraft Labs, develops ZK circuits for verifying Ethereum state claims.

    Ethereum Pools is a dashboard that aggregates and monitors Ethereum validators.

    Lighthouse, developed by Sigma Prime, continues the development of the Lighthouse consensus client.

    Open Zeppelin audits the security of Ethereum’s codebase.

    Puffer develops a validator client that prevents equivocation and boosts the MEV-Boost.

    Benchmarking Modern ZK Proof Systems with AI Primitives provides a comprehensive guidance on the selection of ZK proofs for given AI use cases.

    The BLISH Cryptography Course offers free, cryptography-related lectures and workshops for students in Ukraine.

    BlockWallet aims to build a product-market fit roadmap.

    High-level research investigates the use of new commit-reveal methods to prevent front-running attacks.

    These are just a few examples of the numerous initiatives, events, and research projects taking place in the blockchain and Ethereum space, all aiming to foster community engagement, education, and development in the field of blockchain technology.

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