Q1 2023 Ethereum Foundation Blog: An Overview of Allocation Update

    1. Community & Education: Autonomous Ecologies #1 – Black Sky Conference: This conference explored the relationship between sovereignty and privacy, emphasizing the establishment of privacy as a fundamental aspect of new technology.
    2. Community & Education: BuildETH 2023 – A developer conference for Ethereum enthusiasts interested in building, designing, scaling, and securing decentralized applications and protocols. The conference takes place in San Francisco, California.
    3. Community & Education: Cluj Ethereum Developers Meetups – A series of meetups and workshops in Cluj, Romania, aimed at educating developers on technical topics related to Ethereum.
    4. Community & Education: Devfolio – Devfolio supports students and developers in India through various community initiatives, including online hackathons, workshops, fellowships, and grants.
    5. Community & Education: ETH Beijing Hackathon – A hackathon focused on public goods, research, and layer 2 (L2) dapps organized in Beijing, China.
    6. Community & Education: ETHDam – A conference and hackathon held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, focusing on topics such as security, privacy, scaling, and staking.
    7. Community & Education: ETH DEV NL Meetups – A series of meetups across cities in the Netherlands, with the purpose of learning about and developing on Ethereum, the Ethereum Virtual Machine, and smart contracts in general.
    8. Community & Education: ETHDubai Hackathon – A hackathon organized in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, featuring tracks such as zero-knowledge (ZK), account abstraction, and security.
    9. Community & Education: – An academia/research-focused conference and hackathon in Zürich, Switzerland, covering topics such as data availability and security, Ethereum development, and cryptography.
    10. Community & Education: ETH Guatemala – An Ethereum conference in Guatemala aimed at promoting education about the Ethereum ecosystem and blockchain technology.
    11. Community & Education: ETH KIPU – A non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Ethereum ecosystem in Latin America through organizing events, building communities, and promoting education about Ethereum in Spanish and Portuguese.
    12. Community & Education: ETH Montréal – A conference and hackathon in Montréal, Canada, seeking to explore the latest advancements in decentralized technology and onboard local students, developers, and researchers.
    13. Community & Education: ETHPorto – A conference and hackathon in Porto, Portugal, aiming to raise awareness among local communities and showcase tangible blockchain projects in Portugal’s traditional main industries.
    14. Community & Education: ETHTaipei – A conference and hackathon held in Taipei, Taiwan, focusing on protocol development, zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs), and L2s.
    15. Community & Education: ETH #Privacy Leading Privacy Alliance – A privacy-focused hackathon and conference organized in Istanbul, Turkey.
    16. Community & Education: HackIT-BA – A student-led hackathon held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where hackers build projects related to smart automation or economy and decentralization.
    17. Community & Education: KL Mini HackETHKL – A small-scale hackathon in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, aimed at encouraging people interested in web3 to participate and gain hands-on experience building projects.
    18. Community & Education: Kyiv Ethereum Community Meetups – A series of meetups and workshops for local developers to learn and build on Ethereum, organized in Kyiv, Ukraine.
    19. Community & Education: Protocol Berg – A technical conference in Berlin, Germany, with talks and workshops covering topics such as protocol research, distributed virtual machines, and peer-to-peer networking.
    20. Community & Education: Secureum Bootcamp Epoch Infinity – Monthly smart contract security challenges that train participants in the basics of Ethereum, Solidity, and smart contract auditing techniques.
    21. Community & Education: SeoulBound by SporeDAO – A gathering of DAO contributors in Seoul, South Korea, aiming to foster a deeper understanding of DAOs and share the collective practices and challenges of decentralized communities from Asian nations.
    22. Community & Education: SpaghettETH – A community-led initiative in Italy, organizing events, creating educational content about Ethereum, and publishing a monthly web3 digest in Italian.
    23. Community & Education: Staking Sheet – A compilation of all the staking options available to individuals and institutions, comparing the key differences and considerations.
    24. Community & Education: 0xPARC Foundation – An organization promoting application-level research and development on Ethereum and other decentralized platforms.

    (Note: Some content has been truncated due to character limitations)

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