Aragon OSx: The Ethereum’s Unix-like Operating System

    DAO technology is still in its early stages of adoption, and we are still exploring different governance models and best practices for long-term success. One of the major challenges for DAOs is the immutability of the blockchain, which makes it difficult to adapt and experiment. To overcome this challenge, many DAOs have resorted to running off-chain operations with a trusted group of actors. However, we believe that for DAOs to truly be unstoppable, they must run on blockchains.

    To address this, we have developed a new DAO framework called Aragon OSx. This framework is designed to be customizable and adaptable, allowing organizations to easily modify their governance. By following the Unix philosophy and creating simple building blocks that can be mixed and matched, organizations can find the best solution for their needs and make changes as their organization evolves.

    In essence, Aragon OSx is an operating system for DAOs. Similar to how an operating system manages permissions for apps on a computer, Aragon OSx manages permissions for external programs (plugins) that interact with the DAO. This allows for flexibility, reuse of features, and easier updates without having to change the entire operating system.

    The Unix philosophy, which emphasizes simplicity, modularity, flexibility, and the classification of everything as a permission, guided our approach to building Aragon OSx. This philosophy helps establish best practices, ensures transparency, reduces complexity, and improves security.

    In Aragon OSx, the DAO Core acts as a trusted kernel, managing permissions and holding the assets of the DAO. Plugins are external programs that solve specific problems and can interact with the DAO’s assets when granted permission. These plugins can be rearranged and customized to fit the needs of different organizations. They can be untrusted and easily installed, uninstalled, or upgraded, providing flexibility and enabling governance evolution.

    Developers have control over their own plugins, just like they have control over their own apps. They can choose whether the plugins are upgradeable or not, giving them the ability to make changes as necessary.

    Overall, Aragon OSx provides an operating system-like framework for DAOs, allowing for customization, adaptability, and the ability to experiment and evolve. By following the Unix philosophy, we aim to create a system that is easy to understand, secure, and efficient.

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