ELONN.AI, with support from SMART VALOR, introduces AI-Powered Investment Companion

    Key Takeaways

    • ELONN.AI investment app aims to provide users with enhanced intelligence, safety, and simplicity.
    • The app’s first feature is a real-time news aggregator that condenses vital information, making it easier for investors to stay informed and navigate the complexities of the market.
    • ELONN.AI takes over various investment-related tasks, from analytics and decision-making to transaction execution and real-time portfolio adjustments.
    • ELONN.AI received $14 million initial funding from SMART VALOR

    In the world of finance, where timely and accurate information can often be the difference between success and missed opportunities, having easy access to critical information is of paramount importance for making sound investment decisions. ELONN.AI today unveiled the initial phase of its product roadmap with the launch of its highly anticipated app, an AI-powered solution that comprehends the pivotal role of information in the investment landscape.

    ELONN.AI is backed by SMART VALOR, a Swiss technology company and the first digital asset exchange listed on Nasdaq in Europe.

    The company’s vision is to challenge the dominance of Big Tech in AI by creating an AI companion that enhances the investment experience through intelligence, safety, and simplicity.

    SMART VALOR initiated ELONN.AI’s development with a $14 million investment, including funds from its Nasdaq First North IPO.

    The ELONN.AI app’s first component is a real-time news aggregator that distills essential information, aiding investors in navigating the vast amount of data while staying updated on relevant market developments.

    ELONN.AI takes on a wide array of investment-related tasks, including analytics, investment decision preparation, transaction execution, and real-time portfolio adjustments.

    Olga Feldmeier, the Chief Evangelizer of ELONN.AI, emphasizes the app’s role in breaking down barriers to investing and fostering a decentralized, open-source future for AI.

    The app seeks to level the playing field for investors, offering easily digestible, practical information to facilitate better decision-making.

    This innovation integrates deep-dive AI analytics into the investment process. ELONN.AI acts as an AI-powered meta layer, using individual AI agents to assist users in making informed investment decisions, executing transactions across their wallets and exchange accounts, and continuously monitoring risks.

    Key features of the initial ELONN.AI app include aggregating important news from various sources, real-time updates, summarizing key facts, presenting updates on crypto topics, and offering the choice of concentrated summaries or in-depth articles without leaving the app.

    The Enhanced Language Oriented Neural Network (ELONN.AI) app will be available globally from October 20, marking the first stage in the rollout of the comprehensive AI investment agent.

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