Revised Title: Ethereum Foundation Blog: Latest Allocation Update for Q2 2023

    Community & Education: DeFi Security Summit
    Join us in Paris, France for the DeFi Security Summit, a comprehensive event that covers all aspects of DeFi security. Learn about auditing, tooling, and bug mitigation, as well as explore some of the biggest DeFi exploits. Gain practical knowledge on increasing security coverage for your code.

    Community & Education: DWeb Camp & Global Fellows Program
    The Internet Archive invites you to the DWeb Camp & Global Fellows Program in San Francisco. This five-day event aims to address real-world challenges in web3 and co-create decentralized technologies for the future.

    Community & Education: ETHBarcelona
    Explore the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain at the ETHBarcelona conference and hackathon. Join discussions on public goods, privacy, and scalability in the Ethereum ecosystem.

    Community & Education: ETH Belgrade
    Discover the fascinating city of Belgrade, Serbia at the ETH Belgrade conference and hackathon. Dive deep into topics such as zero knowledge (ZK) technology, infrastructure, and scaling solutions.

    Community & Education: Ethereum Argentina Conference
    Immerse yourself in the Ethereum community in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the Ethereum Argentina Conference. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, there will be content on sharding, ZK technology, and staking.

    Community & Education: Ethereum Singapore
    Make a difference at the Ethereum Singapore hackathon, focused on social impact. Attend the conference to learn about cutting-edge topics such as ZK technology and layer 2 solutions (L2s). Held in the vibrant city of Singapore.

    Community & Education: Ethereum Slovenia Meetup
    Rediscover the Ethereum Slovenia community at the meetup in Ljubljana. Join grassroots activities and connect with fellow Ethereum enthusiasts.

    Community & Education: Ethereum Uruguay Third Edition Event
    Join us in Montevideo, Uruguay for the Ethereum Uruguay Third Edition Event. Participate in talks and developer workshops on public goods, web3 onboarding, and account abstraction.

    Community & Education: ETHKL
    Support us in organizing Ethereum education and grassroots community activities in Malaysia. The program includes a conference, hackathon, local meetups, and a hacker house.

    Community & Education: ETH Latam Honduras
    Experience Ethereum education and community building in Latin America. Join us in Honduras for a conference in 2024, focused on sharing knowledge and experiences about Ethereum.

    Community & Education: ETHPrague
    Discover the future of Ethereum at the ETHPrague conference and hackathon in Prague, Czech Republic. Explore potential concepts and applications that have yet to be imagined.

    Community & Education: ETHRome
    Delve into governance and privacy-preserving technologies at the hackathon in Rome, Italy. Join discussions on the latest advancements in these areas.

    Community & Education: ETH Warsaw
    Join us in Warsaw, Poland for the ETH Warsaw conference and hackathon. Topics of focus include security, layer 2 solutions, and decentralized identity.

    Community & Education: SMT 2023
    Join researchers and users of Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) techniques and tools at the SMT 2023 workshop. Collaborate and explore advancements in this field.

    Community & Education: Web3 Lagos Conference
    Attend the Web3 Lagos Conference in Lagos, Nigeria to learn about Ethereum upgrades, public goods, and account abstraction. Engage with experts and fellow enthusiasts.

    Community & Education: Web3Privacy Now
    Contribute to the research project tackling privacy in web3 protocols, dapps, and services. Join us in working towards a framework to analyze and assess privacy in the decentralized web.

    Consensus Layer: Data Availability Sampling R&D
    Support the development of Data Availability Sampling (DAS), including a hardened S-Kademlia prototype, literature review, and ongoing grant support.

    Consensus Layer: Distributed Systems and/or Formal Verification Research
    Support research on formal verification and distributed systems design and analysis within the Ethereum protocol roadmap. Contribute to the advancement of Ethereum’s core technology.

    Consensus Layer: eth-duties
    Get organized with eth-duties, a self-hosted infrastructure tool that aids with Ethereum node/client maintenance. Stay updated on the upcoming duties of your validators.

    Consensus Layer: Implementation of PEPC with an In-Protocol PBS
    Implement the proof-of-concept of Protocol-Enforced Proposer Commitments (PEPC) to enable validators to make commitments with third parties. Develop a protocolized version of proposer-builder separation (PBS).

    Consensus Layer: MinRoot VDF Research
    Compensate researchers for their security research on MinRoot during the verifiable delay function (VDF) event. Support the development and understanding of this cryptographic function.

    Consensus Layer: Nimbus Consensus Layer Client
    Continue the development of the Nimbus consensus layer client. Enhance its performance, stability, and research and development on light clients. Create public documentation and contribute to the ecosystem.

    Cryptography & Zero Knowledge Proofs: Anon Aadhaar SDK Support
    Improve developer experience with tools that integrate the Anon Aadhaar circuit with the proof carrying data (PCD) software development kit (SDK).

    Cryptography & Zero Knowledge Proofs: Chiquito
    Enhance circuit building and column placement with Chiquito, a step-based high-level Rust DSL. Develop a backend for the halo2 circuit and explore other backend options.

    Cryptography & Zero Knowledge Proofs: Lambdadelta – Decentralized Event Feed Protocol
    Build a decentralized, peer-to-peer, and anonymous event feed protocol. Create a library and a proof-of-concept application that implements the protocol.

    Cryptography & Zero Knowledge Proofs: EfficientZKML
    Explore the use of Weightless Neural Networks in zero-knowledge machine learning (ZKML) applications. Validate the effectiveness of this direction.

    Cryptography & Zero Knowledge Proofs: EPFL Cryptographic Research Group
    Support the research by the EPFL Cryptographic Research Group, focusing on cryptographic techniques in the Ethereum ecosystem.

    Cryptography & Zero Knowledge Proofs: HyperNova
    Implement a proof-of-concept and provide a technical write-up on HyperNova, a new folding/accumulation scheme for sum check-based protocols.

    Cryptography & Zero Knowledge Proofs: Isokratia
    Develop a trust-minimized governance platform that uses off-chain, free voting and recursive SNARKs. Increase decentralization and reduce trust assumptions.

    Cryptography & Zero Knowledge Proofs: P-256 Smart Contract Wallet with zk-SNARKs
    Expand Ethereum transaction signatures with biometric attestation methods. Develop a smart contract wallet that incorporates P-256 signature verification and zk-SNARK on-chain verification.

    Cryptography & Zero Knowledge Proofs: Rust Implementation of Interactive Zero-Knowledge Protocols
    Build open-source Rust implementations of multi-party computation components and a Silent OT protocol. Contribute to the advancement of interactive zero-knowledge protocols.

    Cryptography & Zero Knowledge Proofs: Semaphore Protocol
    Continued development of the Semaphore Protocol’s command-line interface, website, documentation, boilerplate code, and community support.

    Cryptography & Zero Knowledge Proofs: UniRep Protocol
    Continue the development of the UniRep protocol, including its smart contract, circuit, testing, and resolving open issues.

    Cryptography & Zero Knowledge Proofs: Zeta Function Technologies
    Research and apply new pairing-based protocols to improve the speed of SNARKs for widely-used primitives.

    Cryptography & Zero Knowledge Proofs: ZK Circuits for ZK EigenTrust
    Continue the development of ZK EigenTrust, a reputation management algorithm for peer-to-peer networks. Build upon the halo2 proving system to enhance its functionality.

    Cryptography & Zero Knowledge Proofs: ZKEmail
    Develop an email verification system using zero-knowledge proofs. Enable developers to build various applications using verified email content.

    Cryptography & Zero Knowledge Proofs: zkGit
    Enable developers to prove their contributions to GitHub repositories using zero-knowledge proofs.

    Cryptography & Zero Knowledge Proofs: zkMemory
    Research, specify, and implement memory handling circuit constraints for zero-knowledge virtual machines (ZKVMs).

    Cryptography & Zero Knowledge Proofs: ZKP2P
    Build a trustless peer-to-peer fiat onramp on top of existing web2 payment rails without permission from payment networks.

    Developer Experience & Tooling: Recovery Pulse
    Develop a user-friendly reference implementation framework for smart contract recovery. Incorporate the innovative Recovery Pulse architecture.

    Developer Experience & Tooling: rpcvm
    Create a Golang package for fast and lightweight transaction simulation and debugging with Mainnet forking capability.

    Execution Layer: Fluffy Portal Client
    Continue the development of the Fluffy ultralight client for the Portal Network. Enable resource-restricted devices to access and contribute to the Ethereum network without full state sync.

    Execution Layer: Nethermind 2023 Internship Program
    Support the Nethermind internship program, focusing on core protocol contributors’ development. Enhance the Ethereum ecosystem with the contributions of talented interns.

    Execution Layer: Nimbus Execution Layer Client
    Continue the development of the Nimbus execution layer client, improving its performance, stability, and research and development on light clients. Create public documentation to foster wider adoption.

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